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Pre-decisional Involvement Resources

Barriers to Pre-decisional Involvement Interactive Module

The PDI Incentives Working Group developed “Barriers to Pre-decisional Involvement” with information on the barriers along with tips and resources to overcome those barriers. Linked below are an interactive version and a PDF document containing the same content.

Pre-decisional Involvement Checklists

People who have had success with PDI have found it helpful to use checklists to prepare for and initiate PDI. Anyone who is thinking about engaging in PDI is encouraged to review these checklists and consider how they may enhance their PDI sessions, either as is or modified to suit their particular needs. PDI participants are also encouraged to consult, as appropriate, with the agency and union labor-relations professionals within their organizations for any policies applicable to PDI. Click the link above to see some of these checklists. Any questions about the information contained in this document should be sent to

Pre-decisional Involvement Outcomes Interactive Module

Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a PDI Outcomes Interactive Module. For further information on the module, please click the link above.

Pre-decisional Involvement Quick Tips Video External link

Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a "Quick Tips" overview video on Pre-decisional Involvement (PDI). It is a short video designed to focus on common PDI issues and quickly guide users toward resolving problems with PDI.

Pre-decisional Involvement Frequently Asked Questions (613 KB)

This document lists some frequently asked questions about pre-decisional involvement and provides answers to those questions. This guidance was developed by representatives from both labor and management.

Pre-decisional Involvement Guidance from the Council (200 KB)

At the Council meeting on January 19, 2011, Co-Chairs Berry and Zients released a memorandum encouraging labor and management officials to follow Executive Order 13552’s requirement that they engage in pre-decisional involvement to the fullest extent practicable.

NASA’s Best Practices in PDI (32 KB)

At the Council meeting on July 18, 2012, NASA presented a case study on its use of pre-decisional involvement through its labor-management forums. NASA developed a best practices guide (32 KB) based upon its experiences.

PDI Confidentiality Guidance and Template

The guidance document (262 KB) and template (162 KB) were created to aid labor-management partnerships in establishing guidelines when dealing with confidential matters, such as budget-related issues.

From Compliance to Collaboration: Partnering with Labor Organizations for Mission Success External link

The video includes an overview of how "collaborative" and "compliance-based" approaches differ and ways that collaboration can be used to improve employee engagement and agency results. Bill Dougan, NFFE and Jane Cottrell Henefin, USDA share their own labor and management perspectives, including how and why they have worked to develop partnerships, how they select topics or projects appropriate for joint efforts, challenges they have faced, and the tangible effects this approach is having on employee engagement and agency mission outcomes. For further information on the module, please click the link above.

FAA/NATCA Video Series on Collaboration

FAA and NATCA have developed a series of short videos on labor-management collaboration. Please select one of the following links to view the videos.

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