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Executive Order 13522 PDF External link (95 KB) establishes that certain agencies must establish department or agency-level labor-management forums by creating commissions or councils at the levels of recognition agreed to by management and labor organizations.

As a part of establishing these forums, the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations provided guidance in establishing these forums as well as methods for evaluation their effectiveness.

Guidance for Labor-Management Forum Metrics PDF (258.6 KB)


Metrics Quick Tip Series

Representatives from both labor and management jointly developed a "Quick Tip" series of videos on metrics development for labor-management forums. It is a series of short videos designed to guide users through the process of developing metrics to measure their forum's performance and progress.

Labor-Management Forum Metrics Reports

The third round of labor-management forum metrics reports are due to the National Council on Federal Labor-Management Relations (National Council) by December 31, 2016. Initial reports were due December 31, 2011. As noted in the metrics guidance approved by the National Council in November 2010, labor-management forums (forums) should be reporting to their agencies internally every six months. The reports due December 31, 2016, should be submitted by each agency on behalf of all forums within that agency. Reports should include the most comprehensive metrics updates possible to enable the National Council to assess the impact of the forums on mission accomplishment and service delivery throughout the government.

Along with the guidance found on this page, agencies may find this video useful in developing mission-related metrics. The Department of Veterans Affairs and the American Federation of Government Employees jointly developed this training on establishing metrics for labor-management forums.

In addition, forums may seek information on their agency goals at If forums contributed to the accomplishment of any agency goals listed on, forums should provide appropriate information in their metrics reports regarding their impact on agency goals. If, however, forums did not substantively contribute to any of the goals listed on they should still focus on mission-related goals that are within the control of the forum's particular subcomponent. Forums are strongly encouraged to involve their performance improvement officers and others involved in strategic plan implementation to assist in identifying data related to mission accomplishment and service delivery.

The three metrics categories include 1) mission accomplishment and service quality; 2) employee satisfaction and engagement; and 3) labor-management relationship. Forums should be placing more emphasis on mission accomplishment and service delivery as their primary metrics category for 2016. Agency performance improvement officers are ideal resources to assist forums regarding this category of metrics.

Metrics reports to the National Council should be submitted to by close of business December 31, 2016. If you have any questions relating to the content or format of your metrics report to the National Council, please contact or call (202) 606-2930 to speak with OPM/PLR staff.

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